My music is from the soul of who I am.  Inspiration can come at any time, and it's usually something memorable that will trigger a new melody inside of me.  I am so thankful for having music in my life - and to be able to express myself using this gift.  It enables me to share with you these little treasures I've written over the past few years of my life. 


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Whispers of My Heart is the new album by Carly Thomas, aka Gypsy Butterfly. It includes 8 new songs, and 3 pop/dance remixes from previous records, giving the album a unique sonic and musical twist.

Fans will immediately recognize the signature Gypsy Butterfly sound throughout, yet there is a distinct blend of styles that sets this album apart from her previous records. Produced once again by frequent collaborator, Trance Blackman - who performed all the instruments and background vocals - Whispers of My Heart continues and expands on Carly's musical, emotional, and spiritual journey.

The record opens with the inspirational "Believe", previously released as a single. The song was revised slightly for this album. The rest follow with Carly's personal, powerful moments, gleaned from soul searching, life experience, and the natural side effects of going deeply within. Spiritual insights, meaningful messages, and romantic reverence delicately infuse each song, carried on the ever-present theme and foundation of love.

Photo Credit: Vlado Forgac (; Design: Trance Blackman

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When you look at a picture, you see the one thing that seems to stand out more prominently. But, if you spend time looking at that picture, you will begin to see so much more than your initial view. When you look long enough and in using different angles, you begin to see things you didn't see at all when you first looked.

It is the same with Life. We have experiences that initially look as though they are about the one thing that stands out. Though if you look beyond that you will see there is so much more there.

Believe was written about a personal experience and it is about having faith and belief that there is more to the story than what first meets the eye.

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Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses encompasses ten songs, including updated versions of "Angel of the Morning", and the romantic single "Little Piece of Heaven". The remaining selections are all new, with a distinct blend of country-pop, added to the acoustic, and classic folk-pop Gypsy Butterfly.

In her own words:

The journey began with "Feel Me", (a 'Song from Beyond') a song of love for a grieving mother's heart.

A touch from Travis (who was also a musician) gave me the inspiration to write new songs.

Love songs began to flow out of me starting with "You Are My Everything", written for my son and his fiancée for their wedding day. Next came the "Songs from Within", the beauty and the challenges of love relationships...

Included is a special song I wrote for my Dad, "In My Father's Arms".

Butterfly Kisses is a gift for all who have a special place in my heart. It's an amazing journey!!!

live & love life,

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Beyond the Chrysalis

Trapped in a world that haunted me, I stayed within the confines of my cocoon. It has been years of struggle to break free and emerge from the Chrysalis, experiencing all that life has for me. This new EP is part of the new direction on my path.

Beyond the Chrysalis painting by Erin Cooper.


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Movin' On

Movin' On

An EP with 4 awesome songs, including Fire in My Soul, Miracle (accepted for the Females on Fire CD Compilation), Movin' On and an acoustic recording of In the Mirror.

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Diversity... Now

Diversity... Now

A revisited, touched-up edition of my first full album, Diversity.

Mask is featured on The Goddess Within CD compilation.

Friends Forever was selected to be part the Artists Healing Families campaign, where artists have given their songs in the hopes of raising funds for families affected by a sudden loss.

Visit the Diversity... Now promo website for more details, stories and reviews.


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"Diverse Inspirations" eBook

Diverse Inspirations (PDF - Free Reader software here, or here) is a companion booklet for the Diversity... Now album. It's was designed to accompany the album and songs, to expand on the thoughts and themes from that music.

You can request this eBook by email for free.

Strange Daze

Strange Daze

The first collaboration with Trance Blackman as an album, Strange Daze, features a very popular remake of the classic Angel of the Morning.

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Released in March, 2003, this album was the culmination of a year's work. After working hard on Friends Forever, and completing Focus, it was a welcomed milestone to get this album done!

Contact me if you'd like a copy of this limited edition CD. Some are still available!

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

My first recorded single, Friends Forever. I dedicated this recording to those who come together during crisis. Look for the song on the Diversity album. It's a fan favourite.

CD single no longer available.

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