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The Gypsy Butterfly is a free spirited, inspirational soul from the Okanagan, in the heart of British Columbia, Canada.

The folk-rock singer, songwriter and actor has developed a sound that rings true to the heart, bringing a message of light, love and healing. It was at the age of 12 that Carly first picked up her father’s guitar and began playing. To this day, she credits her father for being her number one musical mentor and her mother as her greatest inspiration.

By the age of 14, Carly was writing songs and over the years, the songs have become a diary of her life's journey.

"I have climbed many mountains and experienced many valleys, and a few plateaus, in my life. But, they've all contributed to the wisdom I have gained through each and every climb, fall and walk - and that’s given me the inspiration to write my songs."

Carly says she now has a message to give to the world - one she hopes will bring life to those who open their hearts.

She began her singing career in 1990, at a little studio in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, called Eagle’s Nest. And when she heard the first recording of one of her own songs, she said her "spirit just soared" and she knew singing, songwriting and sharing her message was her purpose in life.

"I went through a very dry time in my musical journey for quite a few years and almost gave up my dream. Then came a time of refreshment and my soul just started pouring out new songs."

In 1998, she re-ignited her passion for recording in Penticton at Lakewood Media where she completed her first demo CD, Cry of the Heart. Again another dry period hit and once again she nearly lost her vision for music. That is, until a friend took her demo to RMG Entertainment in Kelowna, and got Darryl Taylor to listen to it.

“Darryl helped me discover a new path for my musical journey, and it eventually led to working with Trance Blackman, who helped create the album, Diversity... Now.”

Two songs Carly and Trance co-wrote are being featured on compilation CDs through Warrior Girl Music, based out of Los Angeles, California. The first, Mask (from the Diversity album) is part of the project “The Goddess Within” ( Miracle, which has been selected for the “Females on Fire” compilation CD ( is part of her newly completed EP, Movin' On.

Once one learns to accept themselves for Who They Are - life suddenly becomes so much simpler and easier.  The perceived 'struggle' is just an 'odd' thought pattern you now choose to let go and be free from.  It doesn't matter where it came from.  You no longer need it!  Opportunities now arise for you as you finally begin your journey.  I encourage you to learn to accept yourself for what you are today!  You'll see a difference. 

You CAN believe in yourself!

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