Welcome, friends!

Gypsy Butterfly is a name given to me by my mother and it portrays the essence of who I am; "A Wandering Free Spirit."

This website is a taste of what talents God has given me to share with the world.

Have a wander through the pages. My hope is that there is something to touch your heart or inspire you.

Enjoy each moment,


Carly butterfly

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~ Carly's music is available worldwide through digital downloads & stream/internet radio. Visit CD Baby, iTunes, Puretracks, eMusic, Amazon, and over 40 other stores! See the Singer page for more...

~ Nov 1 2009 - Gypsy Butterfly's new album, Whispers of My Heart, is released! Have a listen, or download your own copy today. A CD release event will likely be in January 2010. Watch the music video for "Walkin' in the Rain" on YouTube.

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